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President 2010 - 2011

 Sathya Kanth PV
171, 1st Floor, 6th Main
Jayanagar 4th Block
Bangalore 560011
Karnataka, India
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'Hello' to Rotarians from around the World!

The motorcycling group in India is from Bangalore, Kanataka - RI District 3190 and we call it IFMR-India. It was Inaugurated in Jan of 2003, at the District Conference. We have been having an enjoyable time with fellowship and motorcycling.

As the president of the India Chapter, I plan to extend this fellowship to more Rotarians around the district and in the country. I enjoy riding a Bajaj Avenger 200 cc bike manufactured in India, and it is a cruiser type motorcycle. We meet every first Sunday of the month and ride out for a breakfast meet. There is a fairly large participation. We are 36 members from 14 Rotary clubs. We have now our own Constitution and Bylaws, and a nominal fee is collected from the members annually.

IFMR India Group

Activities for 2010-11 Kick Started!

The month July saw the first ride to one of our favorite destinations A2B near Krishnagiri, TN; about 70 Kms. It was a nice Sunday ride with had 16 bikes, 16 Rotarians and one Ann. We had discussions on our future plans and two new members joined us.

August 2010

The first long ride of the year took place on August 14th & 15th 2010, to Yercaud, a hill station, in the adjacent state of Tamilnadu, 240 Kms away. Five Rotarians, 1 Annette and 1 guest joined the ride. The group left sharp at 6:30am from Hosur Road and reached Yercaud by 12:30pm and GR estate at 1:30pm on the 14th.

On 15th, being Independence Day, the group also participated in a community project. They visited a TELC school for orphans at Yercaud. On behalf of our members, about 100 sweaters were distributed to the children. After the flag hoisting ceremony, we regrouped and departed to Bangalore around 11.30 am. It was an adventurous ride, as it rained most of the way back.

Highlights of Activities for 09-10

A detailed report of activities has been submitted to Rotary International. Lead by Rtn. Ramdas Pai, and with many members taking fellowship seriously, we had fun during the year!

Regular monthly rides around all directions of Bangalore, with participation from all members, the international ride, a major donor contribution to TRF and participation by Annes, resulted in good Fellowship. Some highlights are presented below:

Overnight Ride to Bandipur Tiger Reserve

The last long ride of the year was on April 14th and 15th week end to Bandipur Tiger Reserve park around 210kms from Bangalore. Six Rotarians, 1 Ann and 2 Guests participated in the ride.

We left at 6,15 am from the Raj Arch. Enroute, breakfast was at Mandya, hotel Haripriya. We reached Bandipur by 11:00am, a distance of about 220 Kms from Bangalore. After a little break we had tea and went for a Safari ride for about 2 and half hours. We spotted peacocks, peahens, elephants, monkeys, langoor, mongoose and deer. We could only see the Tiger pug marks though. A Rouge Tusker was a nightmare for some of us as the driver provoked him quite a bit. Two more elephants on the road would not budge. So the driver had to do some of his gimmicks again to move them off the road.

Sunday early morning 6 am after tea, we went to Gopalswamy betta, about 10 Kms away. The sceranery is beautiful. We had a lovely trek. After that we set off to Mudumalai which is 18kms from Jungle lodges. Lunch was at the historic Metropole at Mysore and we reached home by 7 pm.

All in all it was a great ride and wonderful relaxation and lot of bonding among IFMRians. I guess Fellowship was the real winner. Odo clocked 210(day 1)+245.7(day 2) a total of 455.7 Kms in total.

International Ride

The months of October to January has been preparation months for the International Ride held in February. 19 Rotarians, annes, participated. Members were from France, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium chapters. It was the first time the India Chapter organized such an event. It was a very nice experience for both the parties and lot of new friends and a return invite from the Europeans to the India chapter members.

The route covered was: Bangalore > Mysore > Mercara > Mangalore > Malpe (Udipi) > Honnavar > Karwar > Baga beach Goa > Dandeli > Bhadra > Chickmaglur > Belur > Sharvanbelagola > Bangalore. About 2600 Kms in all.

Visiting Motorcycling Rotarians were presented at the District Conferenece, and they were also offered home hospitality of Rotarians of our district.

Int. Group

IFMR – India is a Major Donor to TRF

March 2010

RI President Elect Rtn. Kalyan Banerjee was facilitated in Bangalore on his new achievement of being nominated as the Rotary International President for 2011-12. On this occasion, funds accrued over various activities over the year, including the surplus from the International ride was donated to the Rotary Foundation. An amount of USD 10,000.00 was dedicated towards fighting Polio and to match the challenge grant of Bill Gates. For this the TRF has recognized IFMR India with a Crystal and a Certificate. We are perhaps the only chapter with this kind of recognition.

Major Donor TRF

IFMR supports Cyclathon

On December 6th 2009 our District had organized a Cyclathon-2010. The program was organized by the Dist 3190 and all members of all the clubs in the district participated. From IFMR we participated on our bikes supporting the event by providing pilot escorts to the bikers and catering to the emergency needs during the event.

A Himalayan Ride

June 01-16, Dr.Prithvi Raval did a solo ride to the Himalayas. He shipped his bike to Delhi and rode on from there, to cover Rishikesh, Badrinath, Gangothri, Dehra Dun, Mussorie etc.; a total distance of 2100 Kms on a hardy terrain, and back to Delhi. We wish him more safe rides !

Activities for 08-09

IFMR – Bangalore India has been quite active over the last 12 months: Regular rides have been going on approximately every month, with an average attendance of about 8-10 participants. Few Annes have been regular and added a softer dimension.

Trips to Melkote, Srirangapatana, Ramanagaram, TG halli were memorable. Dr.Prithvi did some Solo riding within the state combining pleasure with work.

This was to oversee the dental clinics at Sringeri, Western Ghats and Gudalur.

New Jackets were made and distributed to those who needed. Key chains were released this year, and matter for Roster has been collected and is on the way. A soft copy will be released in due course.

'Rotary Pillion Seat Award' was given to 3 Annes who participated on rides.

Rtr. Roshan was recognized for his ride of 18,500 Kms around India, Nepal and Bhutan. He promoted awareness on Health & AIDS prevention.

An overnight ride was held over a weekend to Yelagiri with very good participation. Joined by Rtr Roshan. Enjoyable ride with good fellowship. In May 2009 for the first time Ann Manisha Rode a motorcycle on the monthly Sunday trip

Chicago Convention:

I attended the parade and met Jorgen and his wife at the Chicago convention in June 2005. I also met other motorcyclists from USA. We exchanged banners.

LA Convention

Rtn. G. Krishnamurthy visited the LA convention 2008. He exchanged flag at the IFMR Stall.

The Himalayas : A solo ride to Ladakh

I undertook a Solo motorcycle ride from August 03 to August 18, 2006 over the Himalayan passes to Ladakh. I crossed the 2nd highest mountain ‘Tanglang la’ at 17,600 feet. Total distance 2500 km. More details at: and

Joining a Rally; Supporting a cause:

Last year around the same time, we IFMR’ ians Bangalore organized a Helmet Rally: In favor of making it compulsory to everyone using a two wheeler. It caught the eyes of the public as 150+ motorcyclists went around a 20 Km route. It made it in the press, but the government failed to implement it. Last Sunday July 16th the Bangalore Police officially organized a similar rally, with a lesser route distancebut had more number of participants, 400 motorcyclists. IFMR lead by Rtns. Zarryl Lobo, Akshai Mallappaand Devesh Agarwal participated with about 10 Rotarians in the Rally. It was a grand success and the government is set to implement it from 01 August.

This is our bit of effort working towards safety for the community. I was able to go late at night and capture a picture of the Sign Board put up at the corner and one Again of the street corner, early next morning. You can see the signatures of the Rotarians in the ‘Box’ left hand corner.

We are pleased to inform you that the Government of Karnataka has now made the wearing of helmets compulsory.

A Ride to Nandi Hills:

Today’s ride was great with 9 Rotarians on 8 motorcycles. Nice fellowship over breakfast.

We met at 6 .45 am sharp. Our Rotarians here are known for keep up time, and everyone was there by 7 am. Terrific surprise was Rtn. S.K. Manjunath, who showed by with his Red GSX Suzuki 1000 cc mo’bike! It was an absolute beauty. He was all geared by in pro racing style and actually joined the ‘red roasters’ (hope I got that right) who have pro sports bikes.

We left at 7.00 am sharp, filing up gas on the way. We now have a Devanahalli bye pass and turn left to Nandi Hills. Parked our bikes and walked up a good ¾ km to the hill top. Breakfast and coffee over conversations, such as

- Next Leh trip by RC Cant Rotarians
- My own Leh trip adventures
- Future trips in Jan and Feb 2007
- General topics and the usual humor.

Excellent weather for biking. All returned home by around 11.30 am.

A similar trip to Ramanagaram was made this month and pictures are below:

Pictures of corner of MG Road

Brigade road junction, Bangalore

with signatures of support

IFMR, Bangalore, India. Jacket

Recent ride to Ramanagarm

Recent ride to Ramanagarm

District Governor 2007-08 Presentation:

District Governor 2007 - 08 Rtn. Rajendra Rai is our IFMR member since the inception and we are proud he will be leading the district in the coming year. At the District conference he was officially presented on Jan 21, 2007. He was lead by the IFMR team Rtn.Manjunath and Devesh Agarwal. Rtn.Zarryl Lobo ‘pillioned’ DGE Rai into the venue of the conference. This was a unique presentation and perhaps the first of its kind around the world in IFMR history !

District Governor (07-08) Rai being brought in by PP. Rtn. Zarryl Lobo - At the District Conference for the presentation.

District Governor Elect (07 – 08) escorted by IFMR at District Conference

Report: Yercaud Trip 2006

The trip to Yercaud last Saturday and Sunday was really enjoyable. Weather was really good, for motorcycling.

We had only two bikes, Shankar and myself. Ramdas and Niranjan Begur backed out and also two friends of Rtn.William. But we had a lovely backup in Qualis with William’s family and Janardhan’s family. Two kids Nikki and Nimmi of former and Manasi of latter along with Annes: Mrs. Renu Williams and Kavitha Janardhan.

We left at 7.25 am from Nandi Toyota on Hosur Road, and had breakfast at Hosur. After a 30 minutes break. Thereafter-non-stop to Salem via Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Omlur reaching at about Noon. The four lane upto Krishnagiri is very nice and becomes a single lane after that. Many pot holes on the way. We had a Chai break and then left. Salem – Yercaud, about 30 Km and the winding road up is very pictureous and the weather gets cooler. We reached Yercaud by 1.00 pm.

Stay was at Tamilnad Tourism guesthouse. It is pretty economical, and located near the lake. There are several other places, but one must have advance bookings.

After lunch we moved around and saw the following

Yercaud Lake: The first thing that attracts a visitor is the lake. It is a picturesque pool surrounded by gardens and well wooded trees. Boating in the cold water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing. The Anna Park: Near the Lake. It is a lovely garden Lady's Seat: It overlooks the winding ghat road and provides a breath - taking view. This view is spectacular at night with the twinkling lights of Salem town in sight. The Tourists can have a panoramic view of the plains below through the telescope mounted at the Pagoda Point: Another vantage viewpoint. The Servaroyan Temple: It is situated atop Servaroyan hill. The tribals here celebrate their annual festival in May every year.

The Montfort School: The Montfort School and the Sacred Heart Convent are the two famous educational institutions at Yercaud imparting education to boys and girls respectively. Saturday night we had dinner at the Sterling Resort. It was lovely and Rtn.Ramdas, thought absent, sent us his jokes via SMS and we really laughed it out. Food was excellent and relatively cheap.

On Sunday we left Salem around 2 pm and back home by 7.00 pm. We made two stops on the way. All of us enjoyed it very much and as Shankar put it, “if we had one more car full and 2 more bikes, it would have been even better.”

Well till next ride then… Prithvi

Dr.Prithvi Raval
Dental Surgeon & Prosthodontist

Report: Bangalore 2004

Dear Ifmr friends.

We had 8 bikers assembled at MG Road, and departed at 7.00 am, for the very first IFMR ride in 2005!

It was very foggy and visibility in some places was only a few meters.

Jacket, gloves, helmet must and very useful!

We Stopped at Kamat on the way for breakfast. We were joined by my friend whom I had met on the ‘net’ Mr.Rakesh Barua, his wife Pallavi and another guest couple. They joined us in their ‘Bolero’. Rakesh and Pallavi are bikers who take off on weekends, and they have a RE Bullet. They are a part of the Bullet group, which go long distance on bikes.

Three bikes returned to Bangalore after breakfast, as they had work. The remaining went to Bethmangala as planned but there was no lake there! It was totally dry! I am certain I saw an article in the DH newspaper with a lake and advising Bethmangala was a nice place to go! It is about 15 kilometers from KGF. Total ride was about 85 Km each way.

Not to be disappointed, there was one of its kind, “kotilingeshwara temple’ where there is a huge Shivalinga and several others in the temple are. There after, we returned to Bangalore, around 2.00 PM. I must say, everybody’s bike was really moving smoothly and we had a safe, enjoyable ride.

NOTE: Email is the only method of communication for this group. I have opened an Egroup especially for us. You may post your messages here.

The topic for discussion is our Centennial Ride for the Month of February? Any ideas?

Yours in IFMR