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  Dear Friends, fellow Rotarians and co-riders,

After three successful years as IFMR President, Raymond passed the baton into my hands on the occasion of the RI Convention in Toronto. He did a great job.

I have the honour of being the International President for the years 2018 - 2022.

Today Rotary Fellowships are more important than ever. They bring people together and establish real friendships all over the world regardless of race, religion, colour or nation. IFMR is one of the largest and most active fellowships. It is open to all Rotarians motorcycle enthusiast.

Still a lot of Rotarian motorcyclists are not yet members of our fellowship, some even do not know about its existence. They are missing a lot. IFMR means friendship, riding adventures, petrol talks and a lot of fun. Help by disseminating this information throughout the entire Rotarian world. IFMR is open to every Rotarian motorcycle enthusiast.

In this turn of office I would like to strengthen our international activies and promote the cooperation between the Chapters. There is strength in numbers - in union even more. IFMR offers the unique opportunity to travel the world with real friends. We all should use this tool more often. And there are still a lot white spots on the map. Already at the beginning of my term, after months of planning with the sponsoring Chapter, the Chapter Poland was founded. It started with a great ride in the Masurian Lake District, including a charity campaign for disabled citizens in the area. Perfect. Hopefully, there will be a new Chapter in South Africa next year, a revival of IFMR Russia and maybe some activity in the Baltic States.

I intend to ride with you on as many tours in as many Chapters as possible. Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, remarks or proposals.

Four wheels move the body - two wheels move the soul.

Take care!

Kind regards,


Dirk Jesinghaus
International President 2018-2022
District 1860
RC Saarbrücken
Saarland, Germany
Dirk Jesinghaus




  Dear Friends, Fellow Rotarians and Visitors,

A warm Namaste from India!

Service, Fellowship and Friendship are predominantly the three reasons that drew me towards joining this incredible organization called Rotary. While the home clubs provide with ample occasions to serve, it is the fellowship groups like ours that bring the Rotarians and their Friends closer; foster bonding and lead to better friendship.

After completing a satisfying year as the President of the IFMR India Chapter, I feel it is a privilege for me to have been given this opportunity to serve as the International Secretary from 2019 through 2023.

Filling in for Peter would not be an easy task after his spectacular tenure, however, as a part of my humble attempt to do so, as the incoming International Secretary, my priority would be to assist President Dirk execute his plans for IFMR. Additionally, like Dirk mentioned, I too came across a lot of avid Rotarian riders who are not member of IFMR and many of them are not even aware of existence of such a group. I would work towards popularizing IFMR across the world, increase the footprint of our membership, enhance the communication between our various chapters and bring them closer than ever before.

Like someone said, one should ride, because life looks different from the helmet glass. Find your reason. Gear up!

Happy & safe riding!

Rtn. Sunil Telkar
International Secretary 2019-23, IFMR
Assistant Governor 2019-20, RID3190
Home Club: Rotary Bangalore Kalyan